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To make it easy to share:

Use these pre-formatted emails, text and social media posts. Just cut and paste and share. 

If you have any questions or have something that is working well for you, let me know. I am here to help everyone on our team help their friends, families and colleagues get their tax credit while we all make money together!

Use this for sending texts and put your assigned affiliate code at the end. You don't have to use this exactly, it's just a start for you to share.

Here's a longer form for emails:

Hi, I’m sending this to my friends and colleagues who are 1099’rs or have an S Corp and file a Schedule C… You can get up to $32,220 from the government for COVID-19. It’s called the SETC or Self-Employed Tax Credit. It’s free money. You don’t have to pay it back; it’s not taxed either. I applied and qualified for over $20k! Just paying it forward. Go here: www.setcpayment.com/<your-affiliate-code>. It’s free money, guys. Oh, and no upfront costs! You are welcome!

Tips on How and Where to Share

You will want to do this on different channels. And don’t just do it once. Many times, the algorithm of LinkedIn, Facebook and others do not get the reach with one post. So it’s ok to do it multiple times. REMEMBER, YOU ARE HELPING PEOPLE!

Here’s a guide on the best times to post on various networks:

https://blog.hootsuite.com/best-time-to-post-on-social-media/ I follow these guidelines each week.

Review the commission structure?

I thought I would create a link here for you in case you needed to reference the commission structure.

And if you know someone who may want to help share this and get paid, send them to www.setcpayment.com and scroll to the bottom to sign up.

Here's How the Commission Process Works

How the processing works through Gigworker Solutions:

Processing takes approximately three months from submission to the recipient mailbox; however, there’s the ability for a person to opt in and get their money faster, but it will cost them 7% extra to get their money in about two weeks. If they select that option, we get paid faster. 

We pay you 20% as a commission.  What kind of commission to expect when the recipient qualifies for $32,220

  • Sent to the recipient directly from the IRS $32,220.00
  • The amount of money the recipient sends Gigworker Solutions for its 15% commission. $4,833.00
  • Processing fee for Gigworker Solutions to prepare and send to SETC Payment $600.00
  • Total $4,233.00
  • Divided by 50% and sent to SETC Payment $4,233.00
  • Received by SETC Payment $2,116.50
  • Processing and administration fee by SETC PAYMENT. $200.00
  • Total $1,916.50

20% of 1916.50 = $383.30 total commission paid to you, the Agent, for just “paying it forward” and helping your friends, family, and colleagues.

That’s it! If you need any support or have questions, fill out the form or schedule some time with me.

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